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Mental health challenges can often be like the age-old riddle of "What came first, the egg or the chicken?".

"Does depression give me anxiety or does anxiety make me depressed?",

"Is a lack of sexual drive affecting my relationship or is my relationship killing my drive?"

or more realistically, 

"Does addiction give me isolation or does isolation make me use more?.. but not using makes me anxious and keeps me from sleeping.. and that gives me severe neck pain.. which could also be because of stress.. oh, but doesn't that come from anxiety..?" 

Although a clinical list of signs and symptoms of various diagnoses does exist, everyone's experience of them is unique. Mental health challenges are rarely ever linear - more like an ever-entangling mental ball of strings, the more you tug on, the tighter it gets. That is why it is commendable that you are here and exploring what you can do to help yourself.

In individual therapy, we work together on understanding what is going on in the easiest, most effective, harm-reductive way - one that works for you. We then practice coping and how to maintain healthy coping in the long run. Here are a few areas I specialize in:

  • Anxiety: Social & Social Media Anxiety, Acculturation Stress (adjusting in a new culture), Overcoming "Creative Block" and burnout

  • Trauma: Grief & Loss, Abuse and/or assault

  • Identity Exploration: Developing understanding and acceptance of self, expression, gender, body image, personality, values, sexual orientation.

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Relationship therapy makes room for more people to enter the therapy space together. It allows loved ones to work as a team to overcome communication hurdles, rejuvenate connections and intimacy while promoting self-awareness and personal growth. Relationships, especially when in transition, can pose stressful challenges and collaterally impact others connected to their relationship - like children, parents, colleagues, common-friends. 

I work with the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy (by Dr. Ellyn Bader and Pete Pearson) that addresses growth as a complex process. It allows for each person in the relationship to develop individually while also working on developing the relationship as a unit.

Relationship therapy also addresses concerns related to sex and sexuality as an essential part of the relationship. There are no taboos within our therapy space and I welcome people and relationships from all genders, orientations, religions, ethnicities, and forms of expression. Our sessions would be inclusive, affirming, culture-sensitive, polyamoury-friendly, kink & BDSM-friendly, non-pathologizing, and non-awkward (ask me about the blend of Sex + Art Therapy).

No two relationships look alike and relationship therapy applies beyond traditional Couples Therapy. It encapsulates family relationships (parent-child, siblings) or pretty much any relationship that is a priority and might need additional support.


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♫ We can get there faster if we all move together... ♫

                                                             (Move Together · Ndidi Onukwulu)

If individual/relationship counselling isn't quite an option for you at the moment (emotionally, financially, practically..), group therapy can be a great place to start therapeutic work. It also helps keep the momentum going when combined with 1-on-1 therapy. Learning, developing and exploring as a group, under the facilitation of a counsellor, has been known to provide a safe space for all members (usually 5-8) to exchange unique experiences of dealing with a similar challenge. 

Groups run on demand and interest and carry an integration of art-based directives. If you'd like to know more or join, let me know below.

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Counselling is most effective when paired with consistency. Online counselling through video-chat or call is the easiest way to keep the good work going even when schedules or time zones don't align. The aim of online counselling is also to help make mental health services more available and accessible around the world. So if you would like to get counselling, don't let physical distance keep you from it. Ask me here about how we can set this up in a way that works best for you and your location.

Languages: English, Hindi, conversation Punjabi.

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